Carpooling is when two or more people share a car to travel. Carpooling to work saves money and time on your commute as well as reducing stress.

Carpoolers usually need to leave work around the same time. But we understand that unexpected incidents, emergencies or unplanned overtime can come up while you are at work, and you might need to leave early or stay late. Relax, the government will pay for your Uber, Lyft or taxicab fare to get you home. Carpoolers get up to 6 of these guaranteed ride home trips each year. To receive the Guaranteed Ride Home benefit, all you have to do is to make sure that you are properly registered with South Florida Commuter Services.


Once you receive your ridematches, team up with at least one for your drive to work and cut your commuting costs. The more people in your carpool, the lower your expense! Either divide the commuting expenses by the number of people in the group or rotate driving responsibilities each week. As a plus, if you have a carpool of 3 or more people you can use the 95 Express Lanes for FREE.

Remember, you do not have to carpool everyday. Consider starting off by trying it only a few days a week!

  • Register your 2+ carpool with SFCS here.
  • Register your 3+ carpool with SFCS here.


If you carpool to work at least three days per week, you may be eligible to enroll in the free GUARANTEED Ride Home (GRH) program. Find out more or register for the GRH program.