Employers play an important role in encouraging employee travel behavior. To support city employers, the City of West Palm Beach, in cooperation with South Florida Commuter Services and the Florida Department of Transportation, provide mobility solutions and commute options free of charge!

As an employer, offering employee commute options through transportation demand management strategies adds additional benefits your organization can provide to assist in recruiting and retaining the best employees. Your employees will save money and reduce commuting stress and everyone will benefit from the reduction of carbon emissions!

Some Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies include:

  • Carpooling – a flexible alternative that is an easy choice. 
  • Ride Matching – free ride matching to assist in starting your company’s program. 
  • Vanpooling – a great alternative for long distance commuters. 
  • Transit – information about Palm Tran and Tri-Rail transit options. 
  • Walking/biking – employees who live less than 5 miles away. 
  • Teleworking – for workplaces with employees who can work productively outside of the office. (ex. graphic designers, programmers, customer service, data entry positions etc.). 
  • Compressed Work Week – when work duties allow you to extend the regular day.
  • Parking cash out – when the employer pays for employee parking, offers less expensive options. 
  • Preferential Parking – reduce parking demand and reward employees using carpools or vanpools. 
  • Commuter Tax Benefits – reduce employee commuting costs and save payroll taxes by offering pre-tax payment of transit and vanpool expenses.

To get started offering free Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs from the City of West Palm Beach for your employees, contact the city’s Transportation Management Initiative (TMI) Administrator, Angelic Mercer, at 954-884-5310 or email at  Amercer@ctseinc.com.